Chiropractic Questions

January 16, 2014
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Questions and answers about chiropractic

Question: My children don't have back pain. Why should I bring them in for chiropractic care?

Answer: The idea that chiropractic is a limited therapy for back (and other) pain is a common misunderstanding.  Chiropractors are really nervous system doctors. Chiropractors work primarily on the spine (back) because that's a common place where the nervous system can get impinged, stressed or irritated.

Because the nervous system controls the body, if any nerves are impinged, stressed or irritated the entire body may suffer. That's why you'll see clinical studies of children with a wide variety of conditions  responding to chiropractic care.  

Why do people with head tics (jerking); constipation; leg pain; tremors; ADD; sleeping problems; vision problems; concentration problems; digestive disorders; kidney problems; back, neck and head problems and many other conditions find their conditions resolve or greatly improve after a chiropractic adjustment?

Because chiropractic permits your nervous system to function better and when your nervous system functions better your entire body works better. Your body is the world's best doctor - when it's working better it's healing better - no matter what the disease.